Portuguese Decree-Law nº14-B/2021, of February 22nd

NEW Declaration available


This family support was extended to teleworking workers, as long as they are part of a single-parent household or if the two progenitors benefit from this support weekly and alternately.

The NEW declaration to request the Family Special Support was also made available within the scope of the suspension of academic and non-academic activities performed in person.

Who has the right to receive said support?

  • The parents who need to miss work to assist their child or any other dependant, whether they are under the age of 12, or, in the case of assistance to children or dependants with a handicap/chronic disease, without age limit.
  • This support measure is for employees, self-employed workers and domestic workers.
  • ALTERATION - Workers who, while they are teleworking, interrupt this regime and chose to provide assistance to their children or other dependants under the age of 12.

What is the amount of the grant?

  • 2/3 of their basic income,
  • With a minimum limit of 665 euros and a maximum limit of 1.995 euros.
  • This grant is provided in equal parts by the Social Security and the employing entity, to whoever is in charge of paying the total amount of the grant.oio.



  • ALTERATION - The value of the part paid by the Social Security will also be increased to ensure a 100% retribution to workers, when the worker is in one of the following situations:



a) He/she is part of a single-parent household and the child, or other dependant that has been entrusted to him/her by judicial or administrative decision of entities or services that are legally competent for this effect, is a beneficiary of the increased benefit for single-parent families;


b) Both progenitors benefit from the support alternately, on a weekly basis.


How to access?

  • The workers must communicate to the employing entity their option, in writing, 3 days before the date of the interruption.
  • Fill-in the declaration and send it to the employing entity.