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|| The State Budget for 2021 includes, in terms of car taxation, changes regarding the autonomous taxation of hybrid vehicles, the ISV (Portuguese Vehicle Tax) applicable to said vehicles, as well as the autonomous taxation of these vehicles.

Clarify any doubts regarding these changes to make an informed purchase using the VISEEON SIMULATOR.

CAR TAXATION IN COMPANIES – VAT and IRC (Portuguese Corporate Income Tax)

|| VISEEON.CASH allows you to:

  • Access constantly updated information about your company’s payments and revenue, without spending hours on spreadsheets;
  • Integrate your software data with VISEEON.CASH application;
  • Automatically anticipate cash flow availability and predict potential shortages,
  • Forecast the future with peace of mind.

The main advantage of planning cash-flow with the VISEEON.CASH app is to guarantee your business’ short-term liquidity. A tool that is easy to use, without the limitations caused by traditional spreadsheets.

|| THE VISEEON.PLAN APP allows you to:

Develop business plans with a financial viability analysis in a completely customized and professional way.

By defining your receipts, costs, investment, financing, among others, you obtain an immediate report containing the results and projections that are most relevant for all stakeholders.