USEFUL impact




We support our clients with proactive advice and a vision that creates opportunities, solutions in building a business with results and legal and tax compliance.

We believe that true success is the result achieved through excellence and relevance.

| | Objective

| | Relevant information about your business

| | Proactive advice

| | Opportunity-creating vision

| | Solutions for building a business

| | Legal and tax compliance



Contribution to improving client results

Provide useful financial information (Reporting) to support management as well as tax compliance.


  • Monitoring the activity of organisations from an administrative and financial prespective.
  • Prepare supporting documents for accounting treatment and processing.
  • Oversee accounting department duties to ensure accounting guidelines of various regulations are met.
  • Prepare, adapt and manage the account code according to the specific needs of the organisations.
  • Implement and manage analytical or management accounting systems.
  • Prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international standards.
  • Regular preparation of financial reports according to the client’s needs (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual).


Think strategically and envision the future

Management support for the best performance of companies and their projects, by implementing solutions that create competitive advantages and add value to our clients and partners.


  • Financial Consulting – ensuring useful and clear financial information to support confident and informed decision making by the manager/decision maker; valuing businesses, preparing economic and financial feasibility studies; assisting in forecasting budgets.
  • Tax – assisting management in finding the best tax solutions and maximising the profitability of companies and operations carried out; preparing transfer pricing dossiers; preparing applications for tax incentives.
  • Investment Incentives – assisting the client in applying for incentives or financial support that are structural to its business strategy (national and European programmes).
  • Your business desk – supporting the international entrepreneur in the design of his investment plan, in the structured operationalisation of his project.
  • Accounting Expertise – validating financial information prepared by other experts and providing an opinion on whether it complies with generally accepted accounting principles;
  • Process Reengineering – contributing to the optimisation of the client’s processes, procedures and technologies; establishing financial management.


Ensure Compliance with Labour Standards in Force

Monthly payroll and compliance with other related legal and tax obligations.


  • Keep personal records updated.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory reporting requirements.
  • Performing calculations and payroll, transmitting pay slips in electronic format to the company and employees.
  • Preparing bank transfers – salaries and allowances via cards/meal vouchers.
  • Communicate and liaise with social security, ACT, AT and trade unions, and manage compensation funds and workers compensation – recording, updating and cashing supplies.
  • Assist companies in complying with IRCT`S and respective occupational categories of workers.
  • Prepare mandatory reports and statistics, especially the single annual report.
  • Prepare linkage of salaries with accounting systems.
  • We prepare applications for internship procedures under the IEFP.
  • We assist organisations in complying with Health and Safety legislation.