One of the main problems of accountants who start off their activity individually, without joining an accounting office, is wanting to accept more clients without having the resources to do so. He/she can't humanly keep more books than the ones he/she is already responsible for, but needs to increase his/her revenues and, on the other hand, his/her reliance on the few clients he/she has is always great and the risk that one or two may leave will always represent a decrease in the monthly revenue.

So, if I want to grow to have some financial stability, how can I do it, while still remaining a small accountant who doesn't wish to hire more human resources or invest in new facilities? Work as a team, integrated in a network!

As we all know, working as a team has proven to be the best way to guarantee success. And if that team is cohesive and has the same goals. success can be exponential.

Many of us, throughout our entire career as "solitary accountants", make several attempts, sometimes by making some occasional partnership, others by creating societies with other colleagues, but in the end the result is, most of the times, different from what we envisioned. And we are back to square one, still drowning in paper and with a daily schedule ruined by the engagements we took on and by the tight deadlines we have to follow every month.

Several solutions have arisen throughout the years, but none has ensured the necessary and desired stability and growth for the accountant to, indeed, feel that he is guided and supported in the execution of his/her professional tasks.

What is, therefore, the best way to grow, while remaining small?

The Viseeon network presents the solution that, without initial investment, allows any accountant to create strong bonds with other colleagues or offices, whether he/she works alone, or has a limited structure. In the Viseeon network, the accountant can, not only have access to computer resources that help him/her meet his/her information needs more easily, but also have permanent professional support, have access to new clients, or even be able to accept clients he/she wouldn't have the possibility to accept if he/she worked outside the network.

As part of the Viseeon network, the accountant can grow, while remaining small! Don't lose your autonomy, earn more clients and increase your contacts networks.