prorrogação das condições do apoio extraordinário à retoma progressiva


The Government approved the decree-law that extends the current conditions for extra support for the gradual resumption of the activity of companies in a business crisis situation.

The decree-law that extends the current conditions for extra support for the gradual resumption of the activity of companies in a business crisis situation was approved. Thus, companies with falling profits equal or superior to 75% can reduce the Normal Working Period (NWP) up to 100% during the months of July and August. This NWP reduction is available for, at most, 75% of the workers working for the employer. In companies with activities such as bars, clubs, recreational parks and provision and setting of events solutions, the 100% reduction of the NWP can apply to all the workers.

Continuity, until August 31st, of the extra support measures for the reduction of independent workers' economic activity, for professionals working in sectors such as tourism, culture and events and shows. These are the sectors that were most affected by the pandemic since the continuous evolution of infections has led to activity restrictions and falling profits.

Direct employment grants (besides the contributions exemption) provided by the responsible Ministry in the sector of tourism have amounted to 648 million euros.

The total value of the grants provided to the tourism sector amounts to 2,5 billion euros if we take into account all the measures that were made available (and not just those implemented by the Ministry of Labor), namely the Support program or the granted credit lines.

Among the measures approved today, there is also an extension, until September 30th, of the conditions for the payment of grants for covid-19 illness, which corresponds to 100% of the net reference salary.

The access to the support measures provided for in articles 26 and 28-A of the DL 10-A/2020, in its current redaction, for independent workers and members of statutory bodies whose activities have been suspended or closed by legal or administrative order issued by the government, is also ensured.

A decree-law, that ensures that the current beneficiaries of the rent payment support scheme can have access to it until October 1st 2021 was approved, since there was a verified need to keep a set of measures aiming, on the short term, at preserving the right to housing..

 Some changes were also introduced to this exceptional and temporary support scheme, ensuring that the beneficiaries aren't subject to delayed payment or contractual non-compliance effects, between the moment the support request is presented and the moment the final decision of the Housing and Urban Regeneration Institute is given.

The prohibition to suspend the provision of essential services such as water, electric power, natural gas and electronic communications was also extended.