Scope of the Management Integrated System

MIS – Management Integrated System VISEEON PORTUGAL

Provision of Accounting, Human Resources Management, Management Consultancy, and Financial and Tax-related services. Safety of the internal information of Viseeon Portugal, and of information resulting from the service provision.

Management Integrated System Policy

Viseeon Portugal provides services in the areas of Accounting, Human Resources Management, Management Consultancy, and Finances and Taxation, taking on the commitment to keep the focus on the premisses of its mission, so as to achieve market recognition.

The Top Management of Viseeon Portugal takes the lead in the achievement of established goals for the Quality and Safety of the Information, taking on the commitment to:

  • Plan, and provide the necessary resources for all stakeholders to reach all their established goals and objectives with effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Ensure the adequacy and compliance with all the legal, deontological, market and Viseeon Portugal standards;
  • Encourage the participation of all the involved people through communication mechanisms, knowledge sharing and training betting continuously on technical and motivational improvement;
  • Control and measure the evolution of the Integrated System indicators to ensure the compliance with the established goals;
  • Review the System periodically to ensure its adaptation to possible changes, as well as its continuous improvement.
  • Preserve, at all times, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the support information regarding the activity of Viseeon Portugal and the provision of its services, that falls within the scope of the certification of all the pertinent interested parties.