There are five communication axioms and if, for any reason, one of them doesn't work, communication can fail.

Let's focus on the first axiom, to talk a little bit about branding and its importance for the brands. It says it's impossible not to communicate. All behaviours are a form of communication. Just like there is no opposite of behaviour ("non-behaviour" or "anti-behaviour"), there is also no "non-communication". It is, therefore, impossible not to communicate! In other words, brands need to work on professional tools and be present, always paying attention to the trends to always guarantee a positive communication. Whoever thinks they are not communicating, are already communicating an absence or non-existence of value. Whoever communicates without any care, communicates slackness or a lack of professionalism.

We are relevant through visibility! But we are only visible through the resilience and coherence in our communication, whether it be visual or other. Being part of a brand implies the compliance with some essential rules, such as respect for the institutional image and the corporate communicational discours

Viseeon is an organization with a unique vision based on leadership and the ability to create teams that implement a solid network and success. The VISEEON leader doesn't rely entirely on sales, nor does he/she focus on profitability, but rather on genuineness and on the ability to communicate. He/she must be able to inspire trust and transmit emotions through the brand. Viseeon has defined a communication and marketing strategy by implementing a department entirely dedicated to supporting the viseeonaries for an efficient and integrated communication with the network and the clients.

The first step is to be of one voice and to know how to send a message that is strong, coherent, UNIFIED! with a Viseeon ideal, in other words, equal or equivalent in all the media adapted to the market. This means that any type of content that Viseeon produces, as well as its strategies for direct marketing, advertising, communication in the social networks, press consultancy or other, need to have a common language. The idea is to transmit the same values and practices in a consistent, repeated and coherent way for all the viseeonaries, ensuring the reliability and propagation of the brand. Integrated marketing communication represents a competitive advantage in the reinforcement of the positioning strategy, but also results in less task overlapping and expenses for the viseeonaries. Consistent messages, no matter what channel is used, guarantee that the brand stays in the client's memory, increasing its value and allowing what we call brand awareness.

Now, more than ever, it's important to comply with everything that is communicated - from value propositions, to delivery deadlines, information, announcements and possible offers. Basically, we need to guarantee the customer's best possible EXPERIENCE WITH OUR BRAND, so as to make it stronger and increase its presence in the market, making sure it's recognized by the public, admired and wanted for what it offers, for its visual identity.

This effort must be permanent and its effects will show over the medium or long term.

Working on branding requires a series of actions that need to be directed towards the desired results. It involves marketing, of course, but not only. It's important to know that brand awareness needs to be seen as a project of the company, to which everyone must contribute. If the people who work everyday with the brand don't believe in it, take care of it, or feel motivated to act as its ambassadors, how will we reach the public?

Taking care of the positioning (discourse) and visual identity is imperative to create strong brands. It is, therefore, important to follow basic graphic rules (colors, typography, formats, copy's, logo application, etc) and spread the message and purpose of the brand in a coherent and UNIFIED way! Being present wit Respect and Love for the brand, being its faithful followers and caretakers.

Next time, we will talk about Positioning and Visual Identity! See you then.